Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back on Track: Reggaeton

Daddy Yankee Talento de Barrio Soundtrack Solido Reggaeton Latin Music
Raymond Ayala (aka Daddy Yankee) has been shouting 'Talento de Barrio - Coming Soon' on his tracks for several years now, referring to the long-awaited movie project starring himself. And it seems the wait is coming to an end, because the first single of the movie soundtrack has been released. "Solido" continues along the lines of his latest album El Cartel III: The Big Boss (review here), i.e. a softer beat, some disco bleeps, and a focus on catchyness and flow to make the tracks more danceable and less gangster. I'm liking it so far, let's see what the inevitable radio over-exposure will do with the track!

Tito El Bambino Its My Time El Tra Reggaeton Latin Music
Who would've thought that a chorus containing the most overdone reggaeton lyrics ever ("Bailando! Sudando! Tra Tra Tra!") could become a hit in 2008? Apparently Tito El Bambino understood very well that all the reggaeton audience wants is a 10-year old Luny Tunes beat, and recognizable words repeated endlessly. But hey, if you're not bothered by the clichés, "El Tra" is an irresistible dancefloor song!

Angel y Khriz La Vecina Tropical Showtime Reggaeton Latin Music
"La Vecina" is the perfect song to give you that early spring feeling (and it has potential to last all summer!). An exotic guitar tune (which kinda reminds me of Juanes), some sunny trumpets, and Angel y Khriz rapping about their crush on the girl next door. And despite that same 10-year old Luny Tunes beat used above, the track as a whole sounds refreshingly new, along the same line of their continent-wide hit "Ven Bailalo" a few years ago. "La Vecina" is the first single of Angel y Khriz's first solo album Showtime, in stores March 11th. (PS: Sorry for the bad audio quality).

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back on Track: Tropical

Let's get this baby started again! Sorry for our unusually long period of abscence (the culprits were heavy exams, and the well-deserved rest afterwards). A lot has happened in the latin music world since our last post, and during the following days we'll give you an overview of all the great tunes you missed. We start with two great tropical songs.

Los Hermanos Rosario already make infectious merengue and bachata since 1978, and brothers Rafa & Luís Rosario are responsible for many tropical hits throughout the last decades. In fact their album Insuperable (1992) is part of the Holy Trinity that introduced me to latin music at the age of 8 - thanks dad ;) (The other two are Mi Tierra by Gloria Estefan and Bachata Rosa by Juan Luis Guerra). And let's not forget the successful solo career of brother Toño Rosario, who had his own share of merengue hits. But anno 2008 his brothers hit back with "Alo", a catchy exotic tune with booty-moving merengue parts and subtle bachata bits. If this doesn't bring the sunshine to your cold stormy winter, nothing will!

José Alberto aka "El Canario" is even more experienced, he's in the salsa trade since the early 1970's, and recognized for his talent for improvisation and his characteristic voice. I'm quite a fan of his vocals - rough, skilled and versatile. "La Calle" has a difficult start, but near the end the improv part really shows José Alberto's abilities.

Get ready for some reggaeton tomorrow!

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José Alberto - La Calle mp3

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