Monday, July 03, 2006

Merengue: Victor Manuelle, El Faraon, El Jeffrey, Limi-t 21, La Makina

The ¡Arriba los Latinos! series comes to a premature end with the elimination of Argentina in the quarter finals of the World Cup... I was really hoping one of the latino teams would make it to the final!
Anyway, the heat wave here in western Europe begs for tropical rhythms... Here's enough merengue to keep you going all summer.

Ballad and salsa singer Victor Manuelle is not usually associated with merengue, but in "El Pelele" his vocal talents support a young talent named El Faraón. I have to admit not everything about this song is clear to me.. why does Manuelle go merengue? Who is El Faraón? What does "pelele" mean anyway? I do know that this song is best enjoyed on a hot beach party, while the sun sets, with a sensual female/male body dancing against you, and an ice cold drink in your hand.

Dominican merenguero El Jeffrey has had his share of problems lately. His manager, his promotor, and thirteen of his musicians left him, only to form a new band with young merengue singer Darlyn. But he hasn't shown defeat, a few days ago he announced that he's working on three new albums (one merengues, one bachatas and one baladas). He's even found a new band, only days after his old compañeros left him. Now he's uniting Dominican artists to promote the merengue genre, as reggaeton and latin hip hop are proving to be increasingly popular among Dominican youth, at the expense of the country's traditional genres.
His album Mi Vida is still selling good however, and "Sufriendo De A Duro" is being played a lot in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy!

You might remember Limi-t 21 of El Baile Pegao, a song which they called merenguetón. On "A La Nena Le Gusta", they continue in the same mix of genres: fast merengue interrupted by a booming reggaeton beat. It might not be the most sophisticated song you heard, both lyrically and musically, but it's plain good fun!

And we end this tropical post with La Mákina from Puerto Rico, who add "Toda Mi Vida" to a long list of great merengue annex love songs. A bit melancholic even... A perfect soundtrack to a soaring hot summer!

Victor Manuelle ft. El Faraón - El Pelele mp3
El Jeffrey - Sufriendo De A Duro mp3
Limi-t 21 - A La Nena Le Gusta mp3 buy@iTunes
La Mákina - Toda Mi Vida mp3 buy@iTunes


jeanluc said...

Interesting about El Jeffrey. He is the only "new" highlight for me at the moment.

But I like the style from Darlyn too, mucho.

Limi-T XXI jumped from reggaeton into merengue also in their cd from 1997, listen to "Latinas Que Saben Menear"...

Mark said...

The Faraon song sounds great but it really doesnt sound like Victor Manuelle. Pelele means something like a doll. Like when kids have their little stuffed animals, in that fashion. Either way your site is awesome, keep it up !!