Friday, August 04, 2006

Pop/Rock: Mana, Los Enanitos Verdes

You can't get around it: Mexican rock superstars Maná have a new single, "Labios Compartidos". It's the usual stuff, a rough poprock ballad with sugar-sweet lyrics. If you've heard Mariposa Traicionera or Angel de Amor (off their fantastic 2002 album Revolución de Amor), you might be a little disappointed by this long-awaited single. If this is the first time you hear Maná, enjoy the unique hoisted voice of lead singer Fher, and be sure to download the complete back-catalogue of these latin rock legends. Hopefully the new album will live up to the (impossibly high) expectations: Amar es Combatir will be available August 22nd.

Los Enanitos Verdes celebrate their 25th anniversary with a new CD, Pescado Original. Gotta love the album cover (image above).
Though one of their most famous (and beautiful) songs is called Lamento Boliviano, they're a 100% Argentinian band (lo siento margolita ;)). New single "Mariposas" won't give 'em as much success as they had in the 90's, but it's a nice pop song that'll grow on you. Maybe because mariposa is by far the most beautiful word in Spanish!

(By the way, both videos are worth watching, very professional! Links below. And if you want the lyrics translated, leave a message in the comments.)

Maná - Labios Compartidos mp3 video lyrics buy@iTunes
Los Enanitos Verdes - Mariposas mp3 video lyrics buy@iTunes


Matt (from Wicked Latino) said...

I love the new Enanitos Verdes song!! Thank you so much! It remainds me of my childhood...
Hey, if you like their music, you should defenately try "Los Rancheros", another argentinean band that was big in the '90s. Have a listen to "Casualidad","El Che y Los Rolling Stones" and "Nosotros No"
Keep the good work!

max said...

Felicitaciones andres por la pagina!

Està realmente muy buena. Eso si, el problema es que te falta lo mejopr de la trova! Silvio Rodriguez!!!! Si quieres sus mejores canciones como "sueño con serpientes, ojala, la gota de rocio", etc, avísame.
Nos vemos

Chapín said...

Hey matt, any idea where I could find Los Rancheros tracks? Belgian iTunes stays mute on them..

Y Max, gracias, me alegra que te gusta la pagina ;) a ver si puedo hacer un articulo especial sobre la Trova... es que no conozco mucho del género. Pero tengo una nueva canción de Andrés Calamaro que me gusta bastante también, no sé si ya la están escuchando en Chile!


víctor Rojas said...

Tu me has salvado de esta vida gringa llena de limitaciones musicales, especialmente latinoamericanas.
Es mejor escuchar lo que pones para asi tener una real idea de que es lo que esta sonando.
Felicitaciones y si, lo de mana y su single es triste, muy triste. Se esperaba algo mejor, pero por lo que vi en la pagina de ellos, hay cosas interesantes para escuchar.
Te recomiendo que si consigues a marisa monte (cantante brasilena) te encantara.
Podemos intercambiar musica. Sobre todo musica folclorica de latinoamerica. Que te parece.

Undertaker said...





buryfisch said...

Can anyone translate the lyrics to the songs in Amar es Combatir to English for me? I love Mana but am having trouble understanding all the words with my limited Spanish. Translation websites don't help. Gracias!

mcoz said...

Can anyone translate Labios Compartidos to English please? I love these guys! thanks :)

Chapín said...

Freely translated (i.e. I don't know all the words):

My love
When I'm under the line of you legs
When I'm drowning in a swing of hips
It's like heaven, it's my heaven

My runaway love
You take me, you leave me, you express me and you throw me aside
You go to another heaven and return like a colibri
You have me like a dog at your feet

Again my foolish lips
Falls onto your skin again
Your lips return to me and provoke me
Again I fall from your chest to your feet

Shared lips
Separated lips, my love
I can't share your lips
And share the deceit
And share my days and the pain
I can't share your lips no more
Oh love, oh shared love

My mutating love
Righteous friends without the right to have you forever
And forever I have to wait patiently
for the part of you that touches me
Lightnings of alcohol
Lonely voices cry in the sun
My mouth tortured in flames
You undress me, fairy angel, and then you leave

Again my foolish lips
fall onto your honey skin again
Your lips return to me and hurt me
Again I fall from your chest to your feet

Shared lips
Separated lips, my love
I can't share your lips
And share the deceit
And share my days and the pain
I can't share your lips no more
I hope lightning destroys me
And forgetfulness buries me, my love, I can't go on
Sharing your lips, sharing your kisses
Shared lips

I love you with all my faith, unrestrained
I love you even when you're shared
Your lips are in control

I love you with all my faith, unrestrained
I love you even when you're shared
And you're still in control

el_brujo said...
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buryfisch said...

Chapin - Thanks for the translation! If you feel like translating any other songs on the CD, I'd appreciate it.
El Brujo - What is this URL? I wasn't able to get to it. Gracias!

Chapín said...

@buryfish: I'll post a review of the full CD soon, I'll try to translate other songs I put online, but I won't promise ;)
elbrujo's URL was a link to downloading the album illegaly, so it has been removed.

Anonymous said...

what do they mean in Lamento Boliviano when they say...
Nena, no te peines en la cama...
(dont comb your hair in bed?)

And what does "los viajantes se van a casar mean"?