Tuesday, May 08, 2007

En La Misma Onda

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Remember our devastating review of the new Jennifer Lopez album? It caused a lot of discussion on our partner site BlogCritics - read the pros and cons here.

The sunny weather is a nice occasion for VivirLatino to have a listen at their favorite summer tunes for 2007. This is a very well written review of Techarí by Ojos de Brujo.

Masala likes Fulanito so much they used 3 new tracks in their latest radio show.

Last week's Billboard Latin Music Awards seen from three perspectives:
-About Latin Music sums up the winners.
-VivirLatino watched the show, and concludes "... Ninel Conde showed more silicone than the FDA should allow in one woman".
-Latin Gossip has all the red carpet pictures.

If you're into indie music, La Suerte del Perdedor knows all that's going on in the Spanish MySpace scene. For example, this post on Abraham Boba makes me wanna live in Madrid and roam all the local pubs.

Bar Doméstico a Domicilio might not update very often, but it put me onto some nice latin electronic music. Check out this compilation released on Gozadero Records, the label of 2006 favorites Los Amigos Invisibles (our review).