Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Reggaeton: Dalmata

Reggaeton Pasarela Dalmata Mexican Urban Latin Music Mariachi Beats
A funny little reggaeton song I'd like to share: "Pasarela" by the relatively unknown Puertorican rapper Dálmata. The mariachi samples, the accordion here and there, and the general Mexican atmosphere give the song a strong sabor a guacamole. All this courtesy of DJ Nelson, a famous producer that's been around since the beginning of reggaeton. This track is off his latest album, Flow: La Discoteca 2.

Dálmata knows how to entertain his audience: he focuses not on lyrical content but on the flow of his rhymes. Or I could also say: with those nonsensical lyrics and that earworm chorus, it'll surely become a big radio hit ;)
For complete submersion in Guadalajara/Jalisco atmosphere: grab a tequila, put on your oversized sombrero, and watch the video below!

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Richard Liriano said...

Hey Chapín,

Great post.

Just wanted to inform you and readers that the song "Pasarela", which is somewhat of a hit here in the clubs and numerous radio stations in the US is produced by none other than the "Godfather of Reggaeton" DJ Nelson aka Nel-flow of Flow Music (Google or Wikipedia him so can read-up on what I am talking about).

FYI - "Pasarela" can be found on Nelson's latest album "Flow la Discoteka, Vol. 2" where you can also find another hit song which is, "Chica Virtual" by Arcangel



Chapín said...

Thanks! I should have mentioned DJ Nelson of course. "Chica Virtual" is a nice song too, but it's a bit too soft-r&b-ish for me. I was thinking about posting it, but changed my mind when I heard Pasarela ;)

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