Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rock: Fobia, Los Tipitos

I've posted about Fobia earlier, praising the first single (Dos Corazones) off their latest album Rosa Venus. This new song, "Doce Pasos", is quite similar: vocals distorted by heavy effects, and simple guitar riffs. An organ-like tune gives the song a merrier feeling, but the general theme isn't happy at all: it's about forgetting a girl.

Primero hay que aceptar
Y debo de reconocer
que estuve a punto de llamar,
oir si estabas, y colgar
Pero hoy no...
As in Dos Corazones, tears and laughs aren't far away from each other (remeber the video with the pregnant guy?). This time singer Paco mentions rendirte honores con shampoo (freely translated: shower masturbation). Fobia still twist their basic rock songs in a unique way, proving right to their title "Mexico's Rock Legends".

Los Tipitos are from Argentina (as are most hip latin rock bands these days). "Campanas en la Noche" is also a very basic rock song: riff, drums, vocals. But a very contagious one indeed. Slowly building up to an explosive chorus, Raúl Rufino sings how he's anxiously waiting for his girl to return. If you read Spanish, be sure to check out the beautiful lyrics to this melancholic song.

Fobia - Doce Pasos mp3 buy@iTunes
Los Tipitos - Campanas en la Noche mp3


Chapín said...

Seems this blog is starting to get some heavy rotation... Fobia'sDoce Pasos is featured on Hype Machine's Most Popular Tracks!

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Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.