Thursday, May 04, 2006

Summer Night Party

The skin-scorching temperatures here in Belgium are an excellent reason to start thinking about a hot summer night party.

Let's start the party in Spain, more specifically in Barcelona, where Ojos de Brujo treat us to a fusion of hip hop and flamenco on their latest album Techarí ("Free" in gypsy language). "Silencio" starts as a quiet song, but the flamenco guitar and handclapping take the song to another level, evoking a sensual and ritmic noche de verano. (Though I wonder where we should hear the hip hop influence?). More about modern flamenco in last month's article about Chambao.

Crossing the ocean, in Puerto Rico there's no party without reggaeton. Tito 'El Bambino' (former parter of Hector 'El Father') is scoring for the first time with a solo single (Caile), but on the album Top of the Line (produced by Luny Tunes, who else) there's a better tune called "Tu Cintura". Tito is still the worst singer in the whole of Puerto Rico, but in this song Don Omar joins him in a lyrical desciption of female forms.

Eddy Herrera might be Dominican in origin, but his music is nowadays almost equally popular in Central America as in his home country. At bailes (parties) in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, his latest song is a certain floor-filler. "No Le Cuentes" is a very typical modern merengue: lyrics about a love triangle and jealousy, musically not very innovating, but the formula still works!

Ojos de Brujo treden op 4 juni op in de AB in Brussel. Niet te missen! Tickets 22€ in voorverkoop. Hopelijk later ook integraal te bekijken via AB TV.

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Tito 'El Bambino' ft. Don Omar - Tu Cintura mp3 buy@iTunes
Eddy Herrera - No Le Cuentes mp3 buy@iTunes


Anonymous said...

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

hey dude, you are really in the popular way of latin music right. i am from guatemala too, but i live in Boston, MA USA. i was reading your blog and it said that you are from guatemala nice to see a guatemalateco doing this, the music that you play here is really good man, maybe you can be in touch with me.

thanks to find really good music

Chapín said...

Hey, I'm not Guatemalan, but I lived there for a year. I'm acutally Belgian (a lot less exotic right :D). Thanx for the compliments!

Santana said...

I think I already expressed my opinion on Tito's "Caile", so I'll talk about Eddy Herrera. I'm into merengue, which I guess is expected, but I favor Milly Quezada's merengue over most others'.

I love el meregue tipico, so of course Geovanny Polanco, Krisspy, El Prodigio are up there with Milly. I like Tono Rosario too, don't love him though, he's a little nutty to say the least, ha ( ;

My dad knows and listens to more merengue than me, so when I asked him about Eddy Herrera and the song you mentioned, he knew right off the bat.

Anonymous said...

Summer reggeaton Party Mercredi 12 juillet 2006 a Paris à partir de 00h00 jusqu' à l'aube
Au privé 28 bd bonne nouvelle
75010 Paris

Anonymous said...

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