Saturday, September 09, 2006

New Additions

Hey there faithful reader,

I'd like to explain some recent additions to the site.

First, the grey chart (in the sidebar on your right) shows you the tracks I've been playing on my computer here in Belgium. A click takes you to my listening profile. And if you add your own profile, I can see what my visitors are listening to. La Onda Tropical goes Web 2.0 ;)

Recently two new sites decided to syndicate articles from La Onda Tropical to their own pages: Reggaeton World is the multi-language reference for reggaeton-related information in Europe, and the infamous Blogcritics site is a gigantic database of music, movies, books, entertainment & much more.
And if you want an easily digestable (and accurate) overview of news on Latin America, The Latin Americanist is the blog you need. Be sure to check out these great sites!

At the bottom of each post, you had a link to the comments, and a button to e-mail the post to a friend. Now I've added a section for links to the article from other sites - so you can read what other bloggers think about La Onda Tropical. And if you have a account (another very handy Web 2.0 site), you can add the post to your bookmarks, and tag it.

And lastly: I'm going on holiday next week, so don't expect much posting!


khalila said...

hi! i stumbled across your site when i was searchin for "no tengo la culpa" in google. i recently went to cuba and got hooked to that song but i cant find it anywhere, and the link you had from before doesnt work anymore. i was wondering if you can upload it again for me, if its not too much to ask i would really really appreciate it! :)

Chapín said...

it's back up