Saturday, June 30, 2007

En La Misma Onda

La Onda Tropical Latin Music Links
After that little salsa overload, we're getting ready for another theme week. Have a sneak peek here ;) In the meantime: links! (PS: Did you know this is our 200th post?)

Wayne&Wax analyzes how reggaeton is embracing more true latino influences (cumbia/salsa), as opposed to it's black (reggae) origin. And shows that references to those roots are nonetheless still ubiquitous. A fascinating read!

A nice selection of salsa fusion mp3s over at Masala. Die-hard La Onda readers will recognize the girls of K-Narias on the first track! Here is our article on the Canarian reggaeton twins.

The Latin Jazz Corner has an extensive look at the Spanish Harlem Orchestra album United We Swing (also reviewed below).

Win a José Conde CD over at The Latin Americanist!

Captain's Crate tipped me onto "Descarga En La Discoteca", by dj/producer Ursula 1000. Not only interesting because of the electro-latin funk approach, but also because of the Los Amigos Invisibles vocals: they contribute in their typically chaotic manner. Ursula 1000 is on the same label as Federico Aubele, by the way: more info at ESL Music.
(Related articles: here on Federico Aubele, and here on Los Amigos Invisibles).

And lastly, Mexican singer and actor Antonio Aguilar died June 19th at the age of 88. He was an icon of Mexican cinema and ranchera music. I leave you with the videos to two of his most famous songs, "Un Puño De Tierra" and the very appropriate "Tristes Recuerdos".


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