Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reggaeton: Local Talent

A big chunk of reggaeton!

Lets have a look at some local talent we've noticed lately. Latin American youth are growing very fond of reggaeton, and you can tell by the number of beginning rappers and DJs that the next generation is coming soon. Here are some fine examples:

Proyecto Suburbio are from Guatemala. They started out only 18 months ago, but they're already a certainty in Central American radio charts, all of their songs reaching #1. Though their producer (VIP) was already doing reggaeton back in the '90s (when it was still an underground movement), they only started Proyecto Suburbio as a 'joke', participating in an international talent contest which they unexpectedly won. Now, they've done shows with Don Omar, Hector y Tito, Ivy Queen, even Shaggy, and soon they'll be releasing their first album "Solo Clase". And it's not just hype: I like their polished, melodious reggaeton very much. "Mala Mujer" was one of their first hits (and the only song I could find).

Calle Ciega is big in Venezuela. The reggaeton boysband conquered the hearts of Venezolan girls with songs called "Tu y To" and "Como Te Extraña Mi Cama", but luckily the music doesn't coincide with their image. The latter song, for example, is quite danceable and very contagious. (If you want to have a good laugh, check out the video). Now they're ruling radio waves in Venzuela, Calle Ciega is looking for their first international successes by promoting their debut album "Una Vez Mas" all over Univision and Telemundo.

Croni-k scored a continent-wide hit with "(Shh Shh) Nadie Lo Sabrá", again a very contagious song with a more exotic, tropically influenced rhythm than standard reggaeton (notice the salsa piano). The six Chilean rappers have been around a little longer (you can tell by their less shabby website), and international success is already their part: from Bolivia to Mexico, you can buy their self-titled debut. Sadly not in the US or Europe, so we'll have to settle with this promotional video (not very woman-friendly, be warned).

Reggaeton is a men's world, but from the Canary Islands come K-Narias: female, confident and successful. The duo just released their album "40 entre las 2" (referring to their age, they're both 20). You can't really say that they have good voices (to make an understatement) but in Tenerife, it's all looks that matter. Luny Tunes produced their debut album, which includes songs featuring Julio Voltio, Don Chezina and Nicky Jam: it seems a lot of important people believe in the potential of K-Narias. Here's the single "No Te Vistas Que No Vas", not suprisingly about a confident and successful woman breaking up with her lousy boyfriend.

Proyecto Suburbio - Mala Mujer mp3
Calle Ciega - Como Te Extraña Mi Cama mp3 video
Croni-k - Shh Shh Nadie Lo Sabrá mp3
K-Narias - No Te Vistas Que No Vas mp3


jeanluc said...

http://www.megaFantásticas K-NARIAS

"K-Narias y amigos", el ocho de abril en el Pabellón de Los Majuelos

Chapín said...

hah, it seems k-narias are twins! I should have informed myself better ;) thx jeanluc

Anonymous said...

can you get the link for "Nadie lo sabra" fixed?

Chapín said...

links are up for 2 weeks only