Friday, April 07, 2006

Absolut Kravtiz featuring Luny Tunes

Rockstar Lenny Kravitz has recorded a song for Absolut Vodka, supposedly because "the creative nature of the brand inspires artists to create their own interpretation of Absolut", but we all know Kravitz gets paid lotsa dollars for this prostitution of music and image.

But I'm not here to criticize American rockers :) This Absolut Kravitz project (with a very nice website indeed) also gives an opportunity to 10 locally known deejays to show their skills worldwide, in 10 remixes of the song. Examples: Jazzanova for Germany, Latinsizer for Mexico, Chromeo for Canada, and... reggaeton producers Luny Tunes for Puerto Rico. To be honest I don't like the orginal song nor the Luny Tunes remix, but it's positive that these two geniouses get some international attention. They've produced about every reggaeton hit you've heard (Gasolina, Dale Don Dale, Baila Morena, Mayor Que Yo,...), took the genre to another level and opened the way to global exposure.

In the next few months you'll probably hear the name Luny Tunes more often, as they are collaborating with other mainstream artists as well. Jennifer Lopez, Christina Milan, the Black Eyed Peas, and many more are interested in working with the magical producers duo. Even Paris Hilton (yes, Paris Hilton) has contacted them to provide some beats. Let's wait and see!

You can download the orginal song, the remixes and videos for all 10 versions on the Absolut Kravitz site.