Tuesday, April 11, 2006

R&B: Jean "On"

You don't see latin R&B artists that often (probably because in Latin America the "usual" romantic songs, without hiphop influence, still work). So when you only hear the eternally recycling black R&B on the radio, a little bit of latin flavor should come as a big relief.
Puertorican singer-songwriter Jean debuts with "On" next week, not a complete success but it has a few nice tracks. In Spanish, English or mixed, the album surely sets a mood (mellow and relaxed, lots of girls dancing in the swimming pool, piña colada within reach... i.e. your average Nelly or R. Kelly videoclip). But I wouldn't say his songs are special or new, it's just a Spanish version of the same afro-american R&B songs. Especially the 'slow' ballad songs are horribly cliché.

Big exception is "Juegas Con Fuego (Playing With Fire)". The violin intro, the guitar sample and the bongo rhythm are definetly something different. Sadly lyrics are still uninspired, both in Spanish and English, though I can imagine you won't notice that while you're sweating on the dancefloor.

Jean - Juegas Con Fuego mp3 video buy@iTunes