Tuesday, July 10, 2007


  • I think we can call our Semana Brasileira a success: between 400 and 500 daily visitors is not something we're used to here ;) We loved all your comments, the more the better!

  • The winner of the Tita Lima album 11:11 is... (drumroll).. Matt from Somerville, PA! And thanks to everyone who participated, of course.

  • El Guiri is kicking back in Mexico at the moment, and I'm leaving for Spain in a few days. So you'll have to do without new posts until the beginnings of August, when we will return in full force! You can check out the wonderful blogs in our Link List (to your right, at the bottom) to help you through this dark period ;) See ya!


Ruth said...

Chapín, I hope you have a wonderful time in Spain. Please have some horchata de chufa for me. Although, I've never had some, I heard it's good. I've only had the Mexican horchata made from rice which is completely different from the chufa nut taste.

Anonymous said...

hi, I need help - summer hit Marquess - Vayamos Compañeros -I think that music thema at the begining of this song (not refrain)is taken from another song (Ive heard it somewhere on tv, radio)....so if you know the original song, please, I would like to know who sings original