Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lost in MySpace Brasil

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We conclude our Semana Brasileira with a dive into MySpace and its Brazilian equivalent TramaVirtual. Thanks to our friends over at Masala, who have a nose for undiscovered Brazilian talent!

Sany Pitbull is a baile funk master with 20 years of DJ experience in Rio's favela funk scene. His own tracks are mainly instrumental, darker and more filled with electronica than most carioca funk.

If you're into complex hiphop beats, sunny vibes and freestyle rhymes, Slim Rimografia is something for you. Check out "Bom Som"!

Ivete Sangalo is the most succesful artist in axé bahia music, a feel-good reggae/samba/pop mix that must have been invented on a Brazilian beach. Although lately she's inclined more towards MPB and pop ballads.. She has an unofficial but very informative MySpace here!

Tecno Brega is something special. The music style, mixing brega music from north-east Brazil and European techno influences, is marketed completely aside from the normal music business. Artists are distributing CDs for (almost) free to lure people to highly popular soundsystem concerts (aparelhagem). It actually sounds like a reggaeton beat over polka/schlager music, trés kitch. Banda Tecno Show should be an example..

More trashy kitch as we look at Banda Calypso: their style is brega calypso, adding a distinctive caribbean flavour to the brega music. They seem to be selling big time, but I didn't manage to find ONE sound sample. Luckily there is YouTube: check out some videos below!

Banda Calypso - Isso é Calypso

Banda Calypso - Pra Te Esquecer (Live)


Chip Boaz said...

That's a funny sign! So true too . . . I'm there a little too much! Very different stuff today. It's interesting to see how electronica and DJs have distinctly different approaches all over the world. Is it the use of different source material for sampling? I'd be curious to know . . .

Chapín said...

Well.. I have to admit MySpace is great for marketing and networking, but for discovering music I find it too complicated, slow and ugly. I rather read a well-designed blog ;)