Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lost in MySpace

Lost in MySpace Latin Music Molotov Andy Palacio Kinky Circo Jiggaton
(Another update below, 21/08)
Life after the separation: Molotov found a very original solution to their recording obligations. Every band member made a 4-song solo EP, and the EPs combined are sold as 'the final Molotov album', called Battle of the Band. As usual everything is bathed in irony - band members repeatedly appear in the press trashing the other member's songs. The battle will be decided at the Molotov MySpace, the song getting the biggest number of plays there will be promoted to the radio. I'm going for "Dejate Algo" by Paco Ayala!

An artist I've been wanting to share with you for a long time is Andy Palacio.This Belizean talent brings the story of the Garifuna, a unique people descending of African slaves, living on the coasts of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. For his latest record Watina, he dove into Garifuna language and culture, and the result is a pure and warm album, hovering between blues and afro, a true tribute to Garifuna music. Be sure to spend some time on his (gorgeous) MySpace, and if you want to read more there's loads at SoundRoots, MondoMix and Fly.

Kinky and Circo are two alternative rock bands riding on the MySpace wave of the last few years (especially Kinky, take a look at their number of plays!). Both mix 80's electro through their poppy riffs, which can be both very entertaining on saturday night, and very irritating on sunday morning. You decide!

Did you ever wonder what reggaeton would sound like in English? Neither did I - it just can't be the same, right? Production crew The Presidentz thought otherwise: they gave some rap tracks starring Jay-Z, Pharell Williams and Kanye West the reggaeton treatment. The result leaves me kinda indifferent. The songs are quite solid, but I miss the Spanish edge and the references to latino culture. You can preview the whole album (called Jiggaton) on their MySpace.

UPDATE: Mexico's favorite alternative rockers Café Tacuba have posted a new song on their MySpace. "Volver A Comenzar" is a 7-minute epic teaser for the 2 October release of Sino, the first Café Tacuba album in over four years. The Grammy winners have once again opted for Gustavo Santaolalla in the producer's seat (who doesn't, these days?). We're already looking forward to it!

2nd UPDATE: In response to police violence in Puerto Rico, Calle 13 released a smokin' hot tirarea (diss) at the PR police force, and the 'colonial' government in general. "Tributo a la Policía" can be found on their official MySpace, or downloaded at their website. This is not the first time, Calle 13's very first single "Querido FBI" was another powerful middle finger towards the US and PR governments, also released after a dubious killing.


pieter said...

We (tropicalidad.be) discovered Andy Palacio at Afro-Latino festival (a world music festival in Belgium) this year. His music sounds and feels truly african. The guest appearence of the 75-year old Paul Nayor was truly amazing.

If you can read dutch, check out our report of the festival. For those who can't, you can check out the pictures and a short videoclip of Andy's concert.

Chapín said...

Hehe, ik heb eind juni naar dat filmpje gekeken vol jaloezie, omdat ik niet in Bree kon zijn (die examens he..) :)

Richard Dib said...

Take a look at my band... "Cafe al Mediodia". We have a couple of songs posted in our website www.cafealmediodia.com.

Let me know what you think. We have a form to post comments in our site.

I hope you guys like it!