Monday, January 15, 2007

Rock: Molotov

Sad news from Mexico: Latin America's favorite mock-rock band Molotov is splitting. Officially the members couldn't agree anymore on the creative direction of the band, but there are rumors that Molotov owns their record label a lot of money, which could be another reason for the dissolution.

Ten years ago Molotov started playing cafés in Mexico City. Their combination of irony, provocation, criticism of government and contagious music quickly gained them fame and respect among the Mexican youth. Debut album ¿Donde Jugarán Las Niñas? (1997) caused massive controversy on its release, with the album cover deemed 'inappropriate' and the songs 'obscene' (with titles like "Chinga Tu Madre" and "Puto" (video) - translated as "Fuck Your Mother" and "Gay Prostitute"). The album title is also a parody on 'soft' Mexican rock legends Maná - they have an album called ¿Donde Jugarán Los Niños?.
Result: stores refused to sell the album, gay and lesbian right groups were protesting at concerts, and Molotov gained worldwide fame within weeks.

Afterwards Molotov released two more albums: Dance And Dense Denso (2003) including continent-wide hit "Frijolero" (one of the funniest songs I've ever heard, mocking the racist mentality of right-wing America - Grammy-winning video here); and Con Todo Respeto (2004), a tribute album with various covers. Musically they continue the Rage Against The Machine legacy of combining punk rock and rap into an explosive mixture. They also did the soundtrack for Y Tú Mamá También (actor Diego Luna called Molotov's separation "the most stupid decision of their life").

Clearly writing new material was not the primary focus, but keeping a tight tour schedule maintained their popularity, mainly in Mexico and the US. As it seems, that same tour schedule now caused frustration and fatigue among band members - add that to financial problems, and the separation is no surprise anymore.

It's not hard for me to select the best song out of their ten-year career. I've had loads of fun (back in Guatemala) with ska punk songs like the ones mentioned above, but both lyrically and musically "Gimme The Power" is just another level. Starightforward criticism of the Mexican government in aggressive raps, over a soft acoustic guitar and marimba chords, with an irresistible Spanglish chorus.
¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido! Adios Molotov...

(Source: La Opinión Digital)

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GUSTAVO said...

say it isn't so! :(

Chapín said...

Hmm, it seems the bands official site isn't even sure about the split. Anyways I'm sure there will be a farewell world tour ;)