Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pop News & Videos

A lot of movement in the latino pop business lately! Here's a roundup of the most important news:

Maybe you haven't noticed, but a lot of worldwide pop idols have latino roots (Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, and of course Shakira). And while some of them choose to do nothing with their heritage (i.e. Christina), lately the trend seems to be going back to singing in Spanish. Ricky Martin issued an MTV Unplugged album mostly in Spanish last november, even collaborating with less famous (but very talented) latinos like La Mari (of Chambao) and Tommy Torres (video: "Tu Recuerdo"). Ricky's latest song "Pégate" (video) is so reminiscent of his hits back in the 90's, you just have to scream ¡Un Dos Trés!.
The new CD, together with his humanitarian work, even got him an award for Artist of the Year 2006 from the Latin Artists Recording Academy. But looking back at all the good stuff we heard last year, I think that award should have gone to new talent, not to an established star like RIcky...

Another pop icon who's well aware of her roots is Jennifer Lopez. J-Lo, recently elected Most Influential Hispanic by People Magazine, is planning to release an all-Spanish album this year. "Que Hiciste" (video) is the first single. It's not very original, sadly.. she could have done something special for the latinos!

Nelly Furtado has brought us songs in Spanish before (two with Juanes, and one with Calle 13) but apprently now she's working on an album entirely in Spanish. We can only dream of Timbaland producing some reggaeton beats...

Even Beyoncé is marketing herself into the latino audience. Miss Knowles has recorded a Spanish version of her latest single "Irreplaceable". She said she thinks Spanish is sexy, and "Imprescindible" (video) is only the first crossover of many to come. She even talks of recording a song with Shakira, whom she admires for her "great sound and sexy moves".

Shakira herself recently returned a favor for Alejandro Sanz by joining him on his new album (like he did on Fijación Oral in 2005). "Te Lo Agradezco" (video) is a typical Sanz song: a bit too soft and romantic for me, though I always liked his flamenco-style vocal improvisation. Shakira's whispering is quite irresistible, and she looks extraordinarily beautiful in the video (kinda reminds me of mi novia ;))

(Sources: VivirLatino, Latin Gossip, Latin Notes Now)

PS: Writing this post, I promised myself to keep my credibility by not posting any mp3s of these barely orginal, flaccid pop songs. But what the hell: here's Te Lo Agradezco Pero No (removed 06/03).

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