Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pop/Rock: Hoja de Parra, Mancha de Rolando

Here's a straightforward pop song, mixing afro-latino and peruvian rhythms in a pop/rock setting. "Rumbos" by Hoja de Parra is about friends each choosing their own life, and the farewells that accompany those decisions. Sounds heavy, but the song is actually quite up-lifting and funky, a typical South-American hit.

"Cabrón" by Mancha de Rolando relies mostly on the music, something between country blues and mariachi ska. Lyrically it's quite monotonous, but there's a deeper message. Singer Negro keeps repeating

Ey, cabrón, where are you from? Eres distinto, por eso te matamos.
(Hey, bastard, where are you from? You're different, that's why we kill you.)

Almost like a mantra, provoking a scene somewhere in the desert, where a Minute Man finds a Mexican immigrant crossing the US border. After watching the video, other scenes come to mind: a conquistador killing native americanos, a gang member threatening someone from another barrio, or George Bush sending more troops to Iraq. A very universal song: we're different, accept it!

Hoja de Parra - Rumbos mp3 video
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Hoja de Parra said...

Thank you very much for the promotion and recognition of one of our songs!

"Rumbos" is dedicated to all our friends abroad, each living their own paths, yet still close to us.

Chapín said...

Thank YOU for visiting my humble blog ;) I'm glad to spread the word, keep making beautiful music.