Sunday, January 07, 2007

Reggaeton: Hector El Father

I've always loved Hector El Father for his deliciously over-the-top lyrics and tongue-in-cheek attitude (remeber his previous disc Los Rompediscotekas). To me, he was like "Yes, I let women scream "Hit me harder papi" on my records, but don't take it serious man, it's all just for laughs." Actually he was still making the same music as four years ago, before reggaeton got big (example: Gata Celosa - check the stupid costumes, almost a statement against the usual semi-nude video babes).

So I hope I wasn't the only one who was surprised to hear his new singles (off his latest album The Bad Boy). Rumor De Guerra is an agressive gangsta rap about revenge, way too serious for Hector. No room for jokes. And Sola is a cheesy ballad with lame beats.
What happened here? His ego got to him? The money got to him? Fact is, Hector's been busy doing deals with Jay-Z, designing his own clothing line, and insulting former collegues, so I guess there's no time for writing clever lyrics with double-entendres.

I still took time to listen to The Bad Boy, but it's just more of the same crap. War and ballads. The best song is "El Telefono", which was already on his previous CD (and on La Onda). A good second is "Maldades", where Hector at least made the lyrics a little funny again: "Maldades" is a very formal word, but here it's used to say he's gonna do "nasty stuff" to some girl (damn it's difficult to explain wordplay in another language! :)) But even this track is badly sung.

The future of reggaeton is not in gang wars, nor in romance, but in well written songs with a catchy beat and a positive message.

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Cristina said...

I can't believe I found this blog until now! I've been looking for one like this for ages.
Gracias y felicitaciones!

Chapín said...

thank you cristina! you can always help by spreading the word ;)