Monday, January 29, 2007

Salsa: Los Cocorocos

Los Cocorocos - Salsa meets Reggaeton - Domingo Quinones, Zion, Don Omar, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Tego Calderon, Victor Manuelle
I'm in the mood for some salsa! You probably remember my raving review of Los Cocorocos, the ambitious salsa-reggaeton project trying to revive the atmosphere of Puerto RIcan salsa nightclubs in the 70's. "Dos Jueyes" is another great song off the album, pairing rapper Zion with experienced salsero Domingo Quiñones. Seems like Zion is enjoying himself very much, being able to show off his voice in a salsa tune rather than being limited by the conventions of reggaeton. Maybe he's missed his true calling? The song is very danceable, and lyrics are suitable to the dancefloor theme: "Two crabs can't live in the same cave", i.e. two guys can't have the same woman.

If you're in need of more Cocorocos, here's an exclusive behind-the-scenes video. See "Dos Jueyes" being performed live at the Latin Grammys afterparty, and hear Gilberto Santa Rosa, Domingo Quiñones, Zion, Pedro Brull, Voltío and Victor Manuelle speak about what the album means to them.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you'll be always in that mood (salsa, flamenco...). But I thought you didn't appreciate salsa ???, in one of your post you write that. Am I wrong?

I found this radio site, and I want to know coz you're an expert (yes compared to me ;) your idea about their music, is it good or commercial music?

Please, be indulgent with me, for my bad bad english. Sorry.
crazy anonymous

Chapín said...

Hey anonymous

Don''t worry about your English, I bet its better than my Spanish :) I did write that some time ago I think, but I've learned to appreciate salsa when visiting Cuba. The salsa I knew was the romantic Marc Anthony type, which I still hate ;)

If you give me a link to the radio site I'll have a listen, but commercial music can be good too!

Anonymous said...

Ups, salsa troubles me ;) this is the link
may be you know.

I know only commercial music, I appreciate too (for instance Suzanna by DLG quite good for shaking bodies), but now I want to know more and seriously that's why I'm so happy to read your blog. Thanks very very much, my teacher! ;)

Los Cocorocos very very nice.
crazy anonymous

Chapín said...

That is an excellent website, I'm bookmarking it right away! Thanks for the tip, now you see who's the real expert ;)

Anonymous said...

Other links. :)

Cuba : Sierra Maestra

Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca

AfroCubaWeb > a lot of links

Latin American and Caribbean music