Monday, November 05, 2007

Merengue: Elvis Crespo, La Banda Gorda

Elvis Crespo - Llore y Llore - Regreso El Jefe - La Banda Gorda - Dejen Esos Perros - Puerto Rico Dominican Republic Republica Dominicana Merengue Latin Dance Music Mambo
It's been a while since I've served you some truly tropical tunes. Here are two merengues to keep the summer spirit alive when the fall kicks in!

"Lloré y Lloré" is a quite atypical merengue for Elvis Crespo, with the fast singing and the soundplay in the chorus. Though of course you'll recognize his voice and the somewhat sluggish beat. An interesting track, even though it's not being played as much on the radio as it deserves.

The last time I featured La Banda Gorda was back in '05, but little has changed in their music. "Dejen Esos Perros" is badass Dominican mambo, filled with double entendres and sexy rhtyhm fills. Singer José Peña Suaso has that tongue-in-cheek kind of voice that makes merengue so damn sexy - and funny at times. Enjoy!

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La Banda Gorda - Dejen Esos Perros mp3


Anonymous said...

Thank you, these are very enjoyable!