Monday, November 26, 2007

Rock: Pereza, Los Bunkers, Los Tipitos, Inmigrantes

As I've put y'all nearly two weeks without new tunes, here's a bigger post to make up. All of these artists have been on La Onda before, but seen their latest efforts they're certainly worth mentioning again!

Pereza Aproximaciones Aproximacion Spanish Latin Rock
Their lazy voices fit the band name perfectly: Pereza. The new CD of these Spanish guitar gods, Aproximaciones, again offers us poetic rock ballads with a rough edge. The catchy chorus of title song "Aproximación" is an explosion of distorted guitars, contrasting with the dreamy verses and humming, not unlike their last big hit "Todo" (review here).

Los Bunkers Chili Latin Rock Vida De Perros Mientele
It's always surprising to me how long latino bands can keep releasing singles from the same album. The reasons behind this could be subject of entire papers, so I wont dig into that ;) But the fact is that the latest single of Chilean band Los Bunkers is still off 2005's Vida de Perros. "Mientele" has it all: witty lyrics, a great riff, an impressive solo, hell even the bass play is flawless. But I have to repeat my previous criticism that Alvaro Lopez is technically just not a good singer. Still, the track has everything to rock out!

Los Tipitos Argentina Latin Rock Tan Real Flor Negra
Los Tipitos made it high up my best of 2006 list with "Campanas en la Noche" (review here). The beautiful, melancholic lyrics are still present on "Flor Negra", only the sound has shifted to a more mainstream poprock vibe. Which actually suits them very well, the piano is a great addition and the chorus has a high sing-along factor. The song is doing quite well in the Argentinean charts too.

Inmigrantes Turistas En El Paraiso Graffiti Argentina LatiN Rock
Twin brothers Carlos and Pablo Silberberg are definitely gonna make it. The second single of their duo effort Inmigrantes is as catchy and inventive as the first one: "Graffiti" has that British-influenced guitar sound I love so much, and plenty of youthful enthouisiasm. I wish them a lot more singles of this quality

Be sure to check out the videos of all these great songs below.

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Los Tipitos - Flor Negra mp3 buy@Amazon

Los Bunkers - Mientele mp3 buy@iTunes buy@Amazon
Pereza - Aproximacion mp3

Inmigrantes - Graffiti

Los Tipitos - Flor Negra

Los Bunkers - Mientele

Pereza - Aproximacion


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Habeis visto este videoclip de Princesas de Pereza tuneado por una chica de 11 años! Esta muy bien.