Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pop/Rock: Babasonicos, Pereza

Babasonicos have been on my playlist before, and the widely popular Argentineans keep providing us with dreamy pop songs. Like "El Colmo", a sad song about the anonymity of a big city. Singer Adrian Dargelos Rodriguez (in the middle of the picture above) sounds both desperate and melancholic, the discrete guitar effects adding to the desillusional atmosphere. Two minutes and 40 seconds of pure emotion.

Animales, the third Pereza album, is over a year old, but I've only noticed it recently because of "Todo". It's is a special song, something between a sensitive ballad and a dirty sex song. The remarkable video suggests the same ambiguity: if you've never seen snails behaving indecently, this is your chance. Apart from that, the introverted verses contrast wonderfully with the explosive chorus. I hope we'll hear new material from these promising Spanish boys soon!

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Anonymous said...

That video has to be one of the most unique I've ever seen. Strangely beautiful, too. thanks.

el_brujo said...

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