Sunday, June 18, 2006

Reggaeton: Tito El Bambino, Yomo

Cultures exist to be mixed. That seems the idea behind "Flow Natural", the most exceptional track off Tito El Bambino's solo album Top of the Line (also read this previous post). Tito is Puerto Rican, but on this track he invites famous Jamaican dancehall rapper Beenie Man to join in. The song is also marked by a strong Indian influence, courtesy of star producers Luny Tunes, who plan to release a special "Banghraton" compilation soon. Indian vocalist Deevani has been on their tracks before (remeber the hit album Mas Flow 2). Result: an eclectic mix of genres and cultures, and a truly unique track!

It's rare that a reggaeton track on these pages isn't produced by the above mentioned duo Luny Tunes, or DJ Eliel, who provide the beats for all major reggaeton acts. But back in the 90's, reggaeton was dominated by producers like DJ Joe and DJ Blass. These oldschool DJ's now plan a comeback with Abusando del Genero, which is sadly a very typical reggaeton album (20 different artists, maybe 2 good songs, and a lot of bling bling). Luckily they managed to get young talent Yomo for one of the songs, "Dale Con Pepa". It's also a typical reggaeton song, probably only suited for dancing in a Puerto Rican nightclub, or showing off the sound system on your Chevy Suburban. Though whatever he's rapping is complete nonsense, I like this track a lot :) And it serves as an example that this sangre nueva in reggaeton is very welcome!

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