Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Flamenco: Ojos de Brujo

Another beautiful Ojos de Brujo song, to keep the spirits up while studying. "Sultanas de Merkaillo" will guarantee a smile on your face and the sun in the sky.

Pasa, pasa, tristeza pasa, pasa

Pasa por un momento y entra calor

Fuego y abrasa, pasa!

If you don't own their marvellous album Techarí yet, you're missing out on a lot of flamenkillo hip hop fun.

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Bart said...

Wauw, about digging up old posts. :)
I saw them live@AB in bxl yesterday, they where simply briliant! Gotta lov'em...

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm trying to get in touch with the webmaster of this blog. I have music of the band Ojos de brujo I would like to share with you. please get back to me at thank you!