Saturday, June 10, 2006

¡Arriba los Latinos! - Ecuador: Cruks en Karnak

Today we start a special series of posts on La Onda Tropical. Every time a Latin American team wins an important soccer match in the World Cup in Germany, I'll post a song related to the winning country. ¡Arriba los Latinos! Let's hope one of the many Latin teams will reach the final. (PS: I'm not including Brazil, my musical knowledge of this fascinating country is completely inadequate.)

Yesterday evening Ecuador won unexpectedly from Poland, so we start out with a popular latino poprock band from Quito: Cruks en Karnak. Their fusion of pop, funk and afro-latin music is said to be very representative for Ecuador (though it reminds me of Maná, Jaguares and many other latin rock bands). To promote the country in Europe, Cruks en Karnak were even invited to do a series of concerts in Germany in the footsteps of the soccer team's matches, so if you're in the neighborhood be sure to check them out.

"Que Te Me Vas" is a contagiously funky song, equally suited on the dancefloor as on the radio. I'm not suprised these guys are more or less universally adored in Ecuador. It's the only new song on their latest album Antrología, a greatest hits compilation but also a perfect introduction to the 10-year long history of Cruks discs. You can buy it at their site for a mere 12$, and the previous album 13 Gracias at the giveaway price of 5$!

(Gracias a Lien por la informacion, y feliz cumpleaños!)

Cruks en Karnak: Que Te Me Vas - mp3 video lyrics buy@their site


Santana said...

Too bad I'm ignorant when it comes to other countries' music genres, and soccer/futbol. Much more into baseball, and I usually stick with the music I know, doesn't help that I dislike latin pop for the most part.

So, question, how do you find out about all these bands and singers? I've never heard of them, but I feel pretty dumb when I come across a band/music genre I know nothing about. Haha.

Chapín said...
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Chapín said...

Hmm it seems my previous comment disappeared.

I wanna thank you for all the comments on the recent posts, santana! I appreciate them very much :)

Here's more or less what I said before:

You may not like the latin pop you hear on the radio but I try to let you hear different stuff (try! :)). See Plastilina Mosh, Ojos de Brujo, and so on.

Mostly I find out about new artists through websites of Latin American radio stations, they often have playlists or top rotations mentioned somewhere. And I've lived in Guatemala for over a year, that helps to understand the music industry a bit...

So where are you from? You seem to know a fair deal about latin music so I guess you're latina ;)

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