Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pop/Rock: Argentina

Guasones, Babasonicos and Bersuit Vergarabat: three great poprock bands who all happen to be from Argentina. (And that's not a coincidence, Buenos Aires has the most lively rock scene in Latin America!)

All three groups have a long story involving underground gigs, a breakthrough record in the nineties and finally star status throughout Latin America during the last few years.
Especially Babasonicos is immensely popular south of the equator. Their latest single "Yegua" is steeply climbing charts in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chili. A very polished sound and lots of echo/reverb never let the song become boring.
Guasones aren't as big, but certainly match up musically. "Reyes de la Noche" is a very nice guitar song (you can call it pop or rock or whatever). Lyrics are captivating too.
Bersuit Vergarabat is a horrible name for a band, but if you know that they have songs called "Sons of the Ass" and "Shit, Shit, Money, Money" you realize they're just not good at names. As long as they write nice tracks like "Sencillamente" they're forgiven. The reggae-ish rhythm, in combination with the street organ, brings a sixties mood over the song. No hit material but certainly pleasant to listen to!

Babasonicos - Yegua mp3 video buy@iTunes
Guasones - Reyes de la Noche mp3
Bersuit Vergarabat - Sencillamente mp3 buy@iTunes


issa said...

algunas noches soy fácil, uuuooo uoooo no acato límites!

Moka said...

mira con quien me vine a topar. (Hola issa!)

Me gusto el titulo del blo, la onda tropical, me paseo por aqui proximamente.

Anonymous said...

Babasonicos: h**p://