Monday, February 27, 2006

Sensitive Souls (Aventura, Jarabe de Palo)

I'm not a big fan of bachata music, or any other romantic music, but Dominicans Aventura managed to stand out again with "Un Beso". Their last notable song, Obsesión, ultimately became a worldwide hit, and caused a revival in bachata music (like in the 90's, when Juan Luís Guerra released Bachata Rosa).
Un Beso is different, including classical guitar parts and non-standard song structure (though it still includes bachata principles like overly romantic lyrics and a godafwul boysband video clip). It's a song for sensitive souls, but aren't we all sometimes?

Another sensitive song is Jarabe de Palo's "Que Bueno Que Bueno". Minimalistic guitar and percussion bring the song to a subtle climax, while lead singer Pau Dones is joined by Uruguayan singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler. This track would be the ideal soundtrack to a road trip through the south of Spain, sunset in the mirrors and girlfriend by your side.

Aventura - Un Beso mp3 video
Jarabe de Palo y Jorge Drexler - Que Bueno Que Bueno mp3 video buy@iTunes


Emilio Pastrana said...

Saludos desde Los Angeles!

It is a good start with two awesome songs.

With Aventura, the guitar, lyrics and chorus make a delicious and elegant blend of Tropical sounds.

On Jarabe de Palo's tune, the guitar adds a tasteful rythm to a dry beginning. Later on, Drexel's voice and participation, match exactly what the songs needed.

Just relax and enjoy!

Tyler said...

I was in Honduras a couple weeks ago. Aventura was playing in San Pedro Sula. The kids were lined up around the block, thrice. They must be huge in them parts. Anyways, the next day the national paper had an article with a headline that read something like "Massacre de Morazan!" I don't speak Spanish so I thought maybe someone opened fire at the concert. Turns out the article was talking about how all the kids dancing led to the destruction of the soccer field. heheheh!

Do you know of any good Honduras artists?

Chapín said...

Thanks for the comments! :)

No tyler, I don't really know ANY Honduran artists, though I lived close to the Honduran border when I was in Guatemala. It's probably very difficult to compete against succesful pop & reggaeton artists who have marketing and decent record labels. If the situation is like in Guatemala, you'll find dozens of great bands performing at ferias or open mic bars, but they never get signed.

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ergo said...

I suggest you to listen juan luis guerra, one of the biggest bachateros ciao