Saturday, February 18, 2006

Welcome to La Onda

After a bit of restyling and rethinking, the former Latino Muziek Blog is now La Onda Tropical. Onda literally means wave, but in a very broad way: it can be the feeling something gives you, or a new hype, or an underlying meaning. Something in the air you can't quite grasp, but know it's there: la onda.

We're now posting in English. There are many reasons for this, most importantly because 25% of our readers live in the US, and another 50% should know a little English. We're an mp3 blog now, too. This means that we're not gonna bring you a bi-weekly playlist anymore, but we'll update more regularly, with a couple of songs each post. The playlist on the right now serves as an overview for recently posted songs.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the new concept, all comments are greatly appreciated!