Saturday, February 18, 2006

Reggaeton: Voltio & Residente Calle 13

I haven't had time to listen to the entire thing, but the first singles of Voltío's self-titled album are quite promising. It's acutally a kind of re-release of his first solo album, Voltaje A/C, with a couple of new songs. "Chévere" has a nice dancefloor flow, and the melancholic voice of co-rapper Notch makes it an exceptional reggaeton track. "Chulin Culin Chunfly" (whatever that means) is a duet with Residente Calle 13. It's a very typical reggaeton song, meaning: heavy beats, annoying horn sounds instead of a REAL melody, and lyrics praising the female body. Not my favourite, but the song's hot in Latin America AND features Residente Calle 13, the new reggaeton hype.

I like Residente Calle 13 because they don't take reggaeton serious. Their approach is very realist, like the genre is all one big joke. Exactly my thoughts ;) A few lines from "Atrévete-te":

Yo se que a ti te gusta el pop-rock latino
Pero es que el reggaeton se te mete por los intestinos
Por debajo de la falda como un submarino
Y te saca lo de indio taino [...]
[...] ¿Que importa si te gusta Green Day?
¿Que importa si te gusta Coldplay?
You can apply this to both rappers, Residente and Visitante: what does it matter that they are middle-class and white? Or that they went to art school instead of dealing drugs? Their music is an evolution of reggaeton, and I like it.

There's a nice article about Residente Calle 13 in the Miami Herald.

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Residente Calle 13 - Atrévete-te mp3 video


Anonymous said...

JULIO Y RESIDENTE CALLE 13 que les valga lo que los demas opinan si usten son tan famosos es por algo no??!!!
adali/la cuata

Anonymous said...

son los mejores sigan asi los adaro y los amo papasitos
con amor y carino
yo su admiradora #1!!!!

Anonymous said...

muy wuenO esOs papis'
tan muy pegajOsas sus
desde arica-chile!
yeah yeah!