Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rock: Catupecu Machu, La Secta

First a service announcement: I'll be in Spain next week so there won't be new posts till next thursday. Maybe I'll write something about my musical experiences in Sevilla then ;)

But these two rock songs will hopefully get you through the week. Both artists were already featured when this site was still written in Dutch, Catupecu Machu with the fabulous anthem A Veces Vuelvo and La Secta with Llora Mi Corazón (My Heart Weeps).
The latter seem to suffer a lot of heartaches, though "Este Corazón" isn't about a broken heart but about a lovestruck one ("This heart only lives for your love"). It starts out as a rock ballad in its purest form, a slow guitar riff with a few organ-like accents. But soon the song builds up to a grand climax with violins, organs, and all sorts of guitars. The rough voice of lead singer Gustavo Laureano is perfect for this song.

Catupecu Machu started out as another alternative/metal band from Argentina. Now they've crafted their sound along the years, slowly evolving into a more conventional poprock combo, but with their own unique style and sound. "En Los Sueños" might not be as instantly breathtaking as A Veces Vuelvo, but give it a few weeks and you'll grow very fond of it. Again it's the lead singers voice on which the song is built, and Fernando Ruiz Diaz has the vocal experience to captivate you throughout the whole track. Enjoy!

La Secta - Este Corazón mp3 buy@iTunes
Catupecu Machu - En Los Sueños mp3 video buy@iTunes(USA) buy@iTunes (Europe)