Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tropical: Tecupae, Vos Veis

Since things are a bit slow on mainstream tropical bands, I thought I'd show you two poprock bands issuing tropical songs.

Vos Veis is a tropically-inspired pop band, and in their home country Venezuela they've scored quite some radio hits with sugar-sweet romantic ballads. But "Niña Dura" reminds me more of early work by Juan Luis Guerra: a merengue rhythm combined with a lot of trumpets and (cheesy?) backing vocals. It sounds very carribean, a guaranteed hit on beach parties. Lyrics are definitely cheesy, try to ignore them!

Tecupae are also Venezuelan, and they succeed to combine cumbia and rock influences in "Ven Ven". Their previous (rock) song "Dejate Querer" was also featured in our playlist some time ago.
The accordeon and rhythm are unmistakenly cumbia elements, and they add a special vibe to the song. The singing/rapping in the verses even suggests hip hop (or reggaeton) influences - you might say the song is a four-minute summary of contemporary Venezolan music. Or: you might say "Ven Ven" is chaotic and structureless. It's up to you!

Vos Veis - Niña Dura mp3
Tecupae - Ven Ven mp3 buy@iTunes