Friday, March 17, 2006

Pop Stars Embracing Reggaeton

For this post I'll have to make an exception of the "only Spanish" rule at La Onda Tropical. Lately, two latin stars with a bit of success on the international (English-language) market have included the omnipresent reggaeton beat in their new singles.

Shakira is re-releasing her 2005 album Oral Fixation vol. 2 (the English one) at the end of this month, because she wants to add "Hips Don't Lie", a reggaeton-influenced song also featuring Wyclef Jean, to the track list. And with reason: this song is destined to become an even bigger hit than La Tortura. The song title refers to Shakira's hips, who apparently have always been an indication of a great song, and I'm pretty sure this track will move more hips than hers alone. Shakira's singing is brilliant as always. Wyclef's input is limited to some Spanglish muttering in the chorus - too bad, I would have liked to see him do lyrics like in his 90's Fugees period. The (Haiti?) guitar and trumpet elements make the song very contagious, though I think when this will be played 24/7 on radio stations you'll eventually get tired of the song. But until then: just enjoy!
The video for Hips Don't Lie comes in two versions: a regular one (of course including lots of hip, booty and boobie shaking) and one with footage of fans dancing to the song. I'll add a "buy" link on March 28th, when the album is re-released. (Thanks to jeanluc for the info)

Ricky Martin hasn't had that much success with his latest album Life, and now hopes to score a big hit by taking advantage of the Daddy Yankee hype in the US. "Drop It On Me" includes a few lines by the Puerto Rican rapper, in my opinion the best part of the song. Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) is also featured.
Martin (or his producer) obviously tries to imitate previous reggaeton successes, by using exactly the same beats and samples (horns, starting engines,...). But it kinda works, the more I hear the song the more I like it (and I'm not a fan of neither Martin nor Daddy Yankee). And no doubt this is excellent dancefloor material!

Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean - Hips Don't Lie mp3 video special fan video buy@iTunes
Ricky Martin ft. Daddy Yankee & Taboo - Drop It On Me mp3 video (in-studio) buy@iTunes


Anonymous said...

the sound of the nex shakira song!

i'll be shaking my hips all right


Anonymous said...

can i point out something random?

listen to 'hips dont lie' and then listen to 'dance like this' from the dirty dancing two album. they are the EXACT SAME SONG except claudette is replaced by shakira.

how about them apples?

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right
the song is claudette feat. wycleff and he probably realized that shakira is sooooo much better and so are the *dirty* moves

i'm happy with this second version

viva colombia carajo !

Chapín said...

yeah shakira's been accused of plagiarism for this song like a dozen times... but her record company always gave her permission

it's still a bit dodgy, I agree. Too bad for Shakira, who has a very good songwriting reputation..

Anonymous said...