Monday, December 24, 2007

Hip Hop: Guanaco

Guanaco Pesos Pesados Sound System Lento Ecuador Reggae Hip Hop Latin Music
A very unsuitable post for the time of year, I know - for christmas tunes I gladly forward you to these old Puerto Rican carols over at Mudd Up :)

Guanaco is not only a kind of llama, but also a talented young MC from Ecuador. With his Pesos Pesados Soundsystem he's conquering MTV with the catchy single "Lento", a reggae-influenced hiphop song. Although a little more musical variety wouldn't harm the track, it still stands out because of Guanaco's rough voice. He raps about the easy life and the emptyness of today's materialistic society - an evil even the slums of Ecuador doesn't seem to escape. Be sure to watch the rough (but clever) video below!

Guanaco - Lento mp3


Anonymous said...

His name is quite confussing,as Salvadorans refer to themselves as Guanacos.

Chapín said...

Really? I didn't know that, you mean like 'tico' is Costa Rican and 'chapín' is Guatemalan?

So "Guanaco Hip Hop" actually means "Salvadoran Hip Hop"? That must be confusing indeed.

Anonymous said...

Exactly like "chapin", or "catracho" (which I just learned,means Honduran.)