Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winners! Plus, Our First Ever Reader Poll!

Thanks for your massive participation in our holiday season contest, I almost couldn't handle that much lovin' :)
Congratulations to the lucky winners below!

  • Nacional Records Compilation
    Jan from London (UK); Andrew from the West Midlands (UK); Lauren from Columbus, OH; Dana from Tucson, AZ; and Amanda from Monte Rio, CA.
  • Alexis y Fido - Sobrenatural
    JD from West Palm Beach, FL; and Catherine from Saltash (UK).
  • Toby Love - Reloaded
    Chas from Derbyshire (UK); and Josée from Ottawa.
  • Voltio - En Lo Claro
    Jim from New Zealand; and Samantha from Elm Mott, TX.
  • Los Mono - Somos Los Que Estamos
    Martin from Derwood, MD.
I would also like to point your attention to the ugly little poll to your right, in the sidebar. The end of the year is approaching, and with it those countless best-of lists and summaries. This year I decided to let YOU have a say as well - we all love some interaction, right? Which artist deserves the La Onda 2007 Readers Award? is the question, and I included the names mentioned the most on the blog during the last twelve months. Of course if you have a suggestion yourself, don't hesitate to vote "other" and mention your own favorite in a comment to this post.

I'm counting on an equally overwhelming participation!

4 comments: said...

Nice idea with the guys rock..whats up Chapin

Nelson said...

Congratulations. I'm sorry I missed it. I'll get the next one.

Chapín said...

@corrientelatina: the poll might be nice, but the contest doesn't match up to your big-ass 12-day giveaway! ;) said...

@chapin Yea but you still the man..dude...we gotta do something together and blow the roof off this whole latin industry.