Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back on Track: Pop & Rock

The White Stripes Conquista Conquest Spanish Version Mariachi Acoustic Acustica Icky Thump Alternative Rock
The White Stripes are one of the few alternative rock bands that are equally popular in the English-speaking world as in Latin America. They often manage to fill stadiums throughout the continent, and their albums sell quite a lot on the (black) market. And listening to their latest album Icky Thump, Jack and Meg White mixed their share of Mexican influences into their heavy rock riffs (the videos for singles "Icky Thump" and "Conquest" reveal a fascination for mariachis and bullfighting as well). But the news that they would do a single in Spanish still came as a big suprise - usually the crossover is made in the other direction. It's a Spanish version of the already excellent Patti Page cover "Conquest", published as "Conquista" by Las Rayas Blancas. I'm especially loving the Versión Acústica de Mariachi, though both songs suffer a little from the horrible translation. Still kudos for a great idea!
PS: the audio is ripped from YouTube, and thus of extremely horrible quality, sorry. For full HQ files I redirect you to the iTunes Store!

Chambao La Mari Con Otro Aire Papeles Mojados Flamenco Electronic Latin Pop Spain
Chambao engage themself for illegal immigrants on "Papeles Mojados". Keeping true to their original recipy of flamenco-infused electronic music, this track also has a remarkable influence of Arabic instruments and sounds. Which is probably because illegal immigration in Spain, Chambao's home country, is mostly an affair of Africans crossing the sea from Morocco in improvised boats. La Mari sings the fate of the most unfortunate immigrants:

Miles de sombras cada noche trae la marea
Navegan cargados de ilusiones que en la orilla se quedan
Muchos no llegan, se hunden sus sueños
Papeles mojados, papeles sin dueño

(The tide brings thousands of shadows every night
They fare full of illusions that stay on the border
Many don't arrive, they dreams drowned
Soaked documents, documents without owners)

Despite the serious theme, it's quite a poppy tune. Hopefully it manages to raise awareness a little. "Papeles Mojados" is the first single off a new Chambao album, Con Otro Aire. Be sure to check out the beautiful video below as well!

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The White Stripes - Conquista

Chambao - Papeles Mojados


Irn said...

I'm so glad you're back!

All I know of Chambao is what I've gotten from this blog (Rosa Maria and this song (plus Dejame Vivir which features La Mari singing with Jarabe de Palo)), and I am *loving* them.

Manolo said...

I used to like the White Stripes... but I really started to love their music after walking on a record shop I heard the intro of The Nurse from their previous album Get Behind Me Satan. I was like "is that marimba"! Being paisano tuyo and also living abroad, it made me notice actual marimba (I am sure it was not synth) on a song by an alternative group. They also use marimba on The Denial Twist from the same album, one of my favourite songs.
Thanks for the blog... I have been getting to know and appreciate (again or for the first time, I am not sure) Salsa and other tropical rhythms and I have discovered good reggaeton here too.

Chapín said...

@irn: Well if you're into Chambao, they released a compilation of their entire discography last year ("Caminando 2001-2006"). Which is otherwise not easy to find, as many of their best tracks were on lounge & chill-out compilations. Glad you enjoy the blog ;)

@manolo: Yes I had the exact same feeling! I love how the White Stripes incorporate their influences into heavy rock. I am however not Guatemalan, I'm from Belgium :) Great that you discover your roots (again) through here, that's one of the reasons I started this blog!

googoodoll said...
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Anonymous said...

can u reup conquista? plez

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