Thursday, March 06, 2008

Alternative: Los Updates, Señor Flavio

Today we look at the solo efforts of two former members of famous Latin American rock bands.

Senor Flavio Mandinga Project Los Fabulosos Cadillacs Supersaund 2012 Latin Ska Rock Alternative Punk Reggae Roots Argentina Polaroid 66
Señor Flavio is the lucha libre-loving masked bassist of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, a true rock phenomenon back in the 90's. The Argentine ska punk band won several Grammies and sold quite a few records, and Flavio Oscar Ciancarulo (his real name) was one of the key songwriters. His third solo album Supersaund 2012 isn't really a look into the future (as the title suggests), but takes us back to the heydays of the Cadillacs, showing the same versatility and diversity. Reggae/ska is performed with the same ease and agility as garage rock, all with the punk mentality of The Clash."Polaroid 66" is one of the calmer tracks of the album: a polaroid picture provokes memories of a sunny childhood in 1966. The strangely appealing synth and the psychidelic guitar effects create a pure sixties surf atmosphere - everything just fits together. Great track!

Los Updates Jorge Gonzales Los Prisioneros EP Acaso Quieres Venir Latin Chile 80s Eighties Dance Rock Minimal Electro Pop
Jorge Gonzales was the thriving force behind Los Prisioneros, an iconic eighties rock band from Chile. His latest project Los Updates takes the good from his new wave roots, and gives it a modern revamp, while still focusing on good songwriting. The result is very danceable, minimal electro pop with a little 80's nostalgia. "¿Acaso Quieres Venir?" (from the Los Updates EP) has unusually beautiful lyrics for a dance song, if Jorge's voice hadn't suffered that much over the years I'd even say this could become a hit.

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