Friday, April 04, 2008


La Onda Tropical Facebook Page
As MySpace is becoming more and more like Facebook (photo tagging, anyone?), and Facebook is kinda like the hot twentysomething college sister of the ugly emo teenager called MySpace, we thought: why not create our own FB Page? If you have a Facebook account, click here for the brand new La Onda Tropical Facebook Page! Now you can be our fan, send us stupid college humor videos, and see who our friends are. But beware: stalking will be punished with countless invitations for totally useless FB applications!
Of course if you're so inclined, you can always be our friend on our (still more musical and more informative) MySpace spot ;)

Also, we've updated our blogroll (under 'Links' on your right) to include some fabulous new discoveries. A roundup:

  • Turn That Shit Off A regular in our 'En La Misma Onda' posts, this blog focuses on indie culture in Mexico city. Great layout, nice pictures and some exclusive music.

  • Captain's Crate The captain spoils us with tracks from his seemingly endless vinyl collection. You'll hear funk, soul and latin music from the 1950s to the present.

  • Fat Planet Blogging new world beats (baile funk, kuduro, digital cumbia, reggaeton) from Australia. Check out the recently launched podcast Slang Tang - now we no longer have to drool over the playlist of that radio show we can't listen to anyway.

  • Je Ne Sais Pop A very active and highly informative team blog in Spanish, focusing on indie rock desde España, hip Anglo bands, and other aspects of pop culture (movies, TV, fashion, ...)

Be sure to check them out! Or keep reading La Onda, you'll come across these blogs more than often in our regular link posts.

And finally I'd like to remind you of all the possibilities to keep track of La Onda - you can read our RSS feed, use dozens of platforms (like Google or Windows Live) to subscribe to RSS, have our posts delivered by e-mail, or keep track of comments with a special comments feed.
If you're into social networking and web2.0 stuff, you can bookmark and share La Onda on, Digg, Furl and countless other sites. And you can be our fan on Technorati,, MySpace and Facebook. Whew.


Anonymous said...

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Carlos Reyes said...

Well that's an awesome thing to say about Facebook... but I don't have one or a myspace... I guess they are just not my thing.

Turn that shit off, is one of my favorite blogs.