Monday, July 07, 2008

Lost in MySpace

It's been a while since we had a look at what's bubbling in the MySpace scene. Due to the overload of bands this has become a kind of linkdump - sorry about that, but this way we're sure you'll find something you like below!

Ibrahim Ferrer Jr. - Son of the late Cuban son and bolero legend.

Mexican Institute of Sound - DJ Gorky (of Bonde do Role) did a sexy Cumbia Favela Funk Remix of the Institute's "Escribeme Pronto", check it out.

Watussi - the Australian answer to Manu Chao, Sergent Garcia and other mestizo fusion.

Ludo - Costa Rican-French, bluesy rootsrock which seems to have found a wide audience on MySpace (just look at his number of plays and profile views..).

Omar Alexander - He's half Colombian, half Indian and has a very special voice that comes out the best in the ballad "Abandona El Amor" - with a funky panflute.

Cumbia Ya! - A fairly new cumbia outfit from France, which will set the summer festivals on fire here in Europe (for example, July 5th at the Cameleon festival in Belgium!).

Los Turbopotamos - Rockabilly and ska from Peru

Some Spanish indie rock bands I liked:
Vestusta Morla
Miss Caffeina

More indie rock, this time from Mexico: Mama Burger.


pieter said...

we catched the concert of Cumbia Ya! at Cameleon festival last saturday and although they had a bit of a slow start, they had a genuine cumbia groove going.

at we have some pictures of the concert and a full festival review (in dutch).

Anonymous said...

you should also check out this kid Jean..he's great!...check him out at

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