Saturday, July 12, 2008

Merengue: Amarfis, Oro Solido

Here are two smokin' hot merengue tracks, to keep that summer spirit up!

Amarfis and his Banda de Attake are always a guarantee for fast-paced hip-shaking merengue. Okay, maybe the lyrics are no literary masterpiece, but as long as you're sweating on the dancefloor you won't even hear that. "Full De To" is vintage Amarfis, a piano arpeggio that's impossible to follow, and dozens of trumpets accentuating the incessant beat. Sorry about the promo talk in the middle of the song, but it's the only file I could find :-\

"Se Me Fue" by Orlando Conga is enterily the same genre: a drum rhtyhm that's impossible to follow unless you're of Dominican blood, repetitive lyrics straight from the daily life of a merengue star (women, women, women) and LOTS of horns. You could call this track a bit more minimal, as the piano and trumpets aren't as prominent, but still there's only one thing you can do to a track like this: dance!

Amarfis y La Banda de Attake - Full De To mp3 myspace
Orlando Conga - Se Me Fue mp3 myspace


Deep-one said...

Orlando Conga is fire.

sary said...

I don't care about what people say about oro duro i love his mambo violento and iam proud of him or any kind of street mambo like he does.


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