Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rock: Los Tres, Libido

Some unconventional South American music, you're not likely to hear on the radio...

Los Tres started in the Chile of the nineties, an exciting era for rock music as loads of new groups were forming after 20 years of military repression. And instead of following the commercial trend to copy American styles of rock, Los Tres went back to Chilean folk music, and blended it with rockabilly, jazz and other long-forgotten genres. "Camino" is an example of this truly unique style. (It's the first single of the band after a five-year hiatus... check out their new album Hágalo Usted Mismo). They're probably a hate-em-or-love-em kind of band, but I'm definitely inclined to loving 'em. PS: Yes, that was the best picture I could find.

I was a bit surprised when I found out Libido are from Peru - in fact they're Peru's most famous rock band. But listening to "Nicotina", off their latest album Lo Ultimo Que Hablé Ayer, the strong North American and Argentinean influences conceal their Peruvian origin. It's a fast-paced, country-inspired rock song, not initially appealing but slowly growing on you.
After some research it seems this non-native sound of the album even caused some disturbance among fans... a drummer switch made Libido radically change their course, to a more experimental and international one. Successfully, it seems - at least they're featured on an English-language music blog :)

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J.L.M. said...

Aunque está bueno que hayas mencionado a Libido, la referencia sobre el sonido de la banda (que ahora es más internacional que antes) es viceversa. En el último album ha habido más acercamiento a la estructura de la canción andina asi como a bandas peruanas de los 60's. En sus primeros albumes ellos presentaban un sonido más similar a Radiohead o a Soda Stereo.

Chapín said...

Gracias por tu comentario :) Parece que tengo que buscar a estos primeros albumes entonces, como me gustan mucho Radiohead y Soda Stereo!