Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rock: Aterciopelados

Aterciopelados was one of the first alternative rock bands in Colombia. Over the years they've experimented with punk, traditional influences (bolero, vallenato) and even hip hop (on Gozo Poderozo, for which they received a Grammy nomination). But with Oye, their first album in five years, they return to their roots of alternative poprock with a social conscience.

Lead singer Andrea Echeverri is blessed with an instantly captivating, eerie voice reminding of the sixties. "Complemento" spans barely three minutes, but that was more than enough to impress me. 'Beautiful' is the only accurate description. It's pure flower power, adapted to the Latin America of the 21st century. (Although I wonder what kind of oldschool hippie drugs they were on when shooting the video..)

I'm certainly gonna write a full review one of these days.. Until then, enjoy the single!

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Anonymous said...

Viva colombia, y tambien venezuela
keep bloginn nize bands like this one :)

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