Thursday, November 09, 2006

Salsa: NG2

It's been ages since I liked a salsa song I heard on the radio (no Marc Anthony for me, thanks). But "Como Amigo No" by NG2 is soulful and entertaining, not just salsa but with small parts of vallenato. NG means nueva generación or new generation, and they call their music salsa joven (young salsa), trying to create a much-needed evolution in the genre.

The song is about love and friendship, without being romantic or cheesy: the Colombian Puertorican(!) boys of NG2 state that it's impossible for men and women to be 'just friends'. Complete bollocks of course, but the typical Latin American macho attitude lyrics are quite funny (I haven't found a site with the lyrics yet so you'll have to listen carefully :))

(Salsa fans: I'm desperately looking for mp3s of cuban salsa and timba, if you have any idea where I can find those (or if you can send me CDs :)) drop a mail at laondatropical {at} telenet {dot} be.)

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Yuli said...

Hi Chapin:

I agree with u. NG2 is a fresh style in salsa. But a little friendly correction, Gerardo Rivas y Norberto Velez aren't "colombian boys", they are PUERTORICANS!!! Very proud of "mis compatriotas".

Saludos, Yuli

Chapín said...

Yes I was wondering... some pages said Puertorican, others Colombian, but since the song starts with "Pa' Colombiaaa - Cartagena, Barranquilla, Bogotá, ..." I went for Colombia :)

I'll correct it right away!

Chapín said...

But do you know what the connection with Colombia is then?

Anonymous said...

well they r puerto rican ..... geraldo is my brother so i should kno .... im ver proud of him n happy hes followin in my fathers footstep ...... i think there last cd was a classic n think it was wrongly promoted n there new one has them maturin as artist a lil .... happy for my rivas family ..... nortberto keep doin ur thing kid..... love ya .... bring salsa back

Anonymous said...

NG2 Is the best! "Como amigo no" gotta love that song. Took me weeks to find it but i found it!

Anonymous said...

For good timba, download Manolito Simonet y su trabuco, Issac Delgado, Adalberto Alvarez, NG La Banda, Paulito FG, Bamboleo, Dan Den.

Timba is very different than Salsa.