Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pop: Moby & Amaral

Ever heard Moby sing in Spanish? Here's your chance: "Escapar" is the Spanish version of Slipping Away (which you must have heard on the radio by now). His Spanish is not that bad actually, but the lovely Eva Amaral is a far better singer. The song was already sad and melancholic (with Moby's patent synth violins climaxing the sentiment), and adding Eva's broken voice makes the song almost depressing. But also slightly more beautiful :)

Escapar is on the Spanish and Latin American version of Go - The Very Best Of Moby, which you can buy at CD Universe (for a godawful amount of money). If you live in Spain, you can get the single at the Spanish iTunes Store. And the reworked video is worth the watch too!

Moby & Amaral - Escapar mp3 video lyrics buy@iTunes (Spain only!) buy@CD Universe


MisterBlog said...

There's also a French version of the same song, featuring Mylene Farmer.