Monday, December 04, 2006

Rock: Cage9

I consider myself a rock lover, as much in Western music as in Latin music. I tend towards a more alternative sound, but I appreciate Motel or Green Day just as much. But about El Motivo, the Spanish version of the new album by LA pop-punkers Cage9, I can't really say anything good.

This record combines the worst of modern rock music. First, Cage9 takes the dreadful riffs and pale sound of late 90's nu-metal (yes, that horrible mixture of punk and rap we all tried to forget as soon as Limp Bizkit split up). Second, 'singing' and 'lyrics' are replaced by 'shouting' and 'cheap sentiment', borrowed from the modern emo-core movement. Okay, I admit the choruses are quite catchy, but without a decent song structure, they just sound cheap.

So for the first time in one and a half year, I'm not putting a song online of an album I've reviewed. It's just too afwul. If you really want to listen, check out their myspace.