Monday, December 18, 2006

Merengue: Elvis Crespo, Grupo Mania, Santi Santiago

Elvis Crespo made merengue bomba famous with his world hit  Suavemente, back in 1998. His modern, danceable, quick-paced flavor of merengue is still played at parties here in Belgium, even though no-one understands what he's singing (it's "Softly, kiss me, I want to feel your lips kissing me again"). For old times sake, Crespo now recorded a new single with his former band Grupo Mania (now a quite successful merengue band on their own, previous post in Dutch here). "Echate Pa'ca" is a contagious song, solidly written like any other modern merengue song, but standing out because of the pure fun the singers seem to be having. Crespo and Hector Serrano (lead singer of Grupo Manía) keep instigating each other to dance, and trumpetists on both sides take the song to a cheerful climax.

I don't remeber how I stumbled upon "Celos" by Santi Santiago, a mainly instrumental merengue. The internet is completely silent about the band. Heck, I don't even know which country they're from. All I can say is that "Celos" is hot, tropically hot. It brings sunshine to the cold and misty Belgian landscapes. Be sure not to listen to this song while you're surfing a travel website - you might spend a lot of money on a far and sunny vacation.

Grupo Manía & Elvis Crespo - Echate Pa'ca mp3
Santi Santiago - Celos mp3


Anonymous said...

Can you post their "Dance Mania" album?

Anonymous said...

Do you know if they are working on an album together?

Chapín said...

--> anonymous 1: no I can't post their album, first of all because I don't have it, and second because I don't post full albums. I'm sure you can buy it on iTunes or CD Universe, it'll be worth the 10 bucks.

--> anonymous 2: if I remeber correctly, I think Crespo is working on a new album with lots of collaborations (with Grupo Mania, reggaeton rappers, even Anglosaxon artists)