Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Electronic: Bostich+Fussible, The Pinker Tones

Nortec Collective Bostich Fussible Tijuana Sound Machine Latin Alternative Indie Electronic Music Mexico
The Tijuana based electronica conjunto Nortec Collective is back with a follow-up to the Latin Grammy-nominated 2006 album The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3. Two key members of the five-piece collective, Ramón 'Bostich' Amezcua and Pepe 'Fussible' Mogt, teamed up for Tijuana Sound Machine (Nacional Records), an electronic voyage into the deep north of Mexico, its deserts, and its polka-meets-mariachi norteño music.

Their contemporary update of the highly conservative norteño is entertaining and diverse whilst never losing touch with the roots. Clever beats accompany the quick-paced accordeon and bass rhythms, with layered vocals or echoing trumpet samples alternating in the lead role. Perhaps the biggest achievement is a sound that is uniquely their own, despite the similarities with other electronic-ethnic artist like Mexican Institute of Sound and The Pinker Tones (below). Tijuana Sound Machine puts their hometown yet again on the map as a crossing point between cultures and a leading centre of electronic experiment.

Nortec Collective presents Bostich+Fussible - Tijuana Sound Machine mp3 buy@iTunes buy@Amazon

The Pinker Tones Wild Animals Latin Alternative Indie Electronic Pop Music Barcelona Spain Electrotumbao
The Pinker Tones are another electronic collective based in Barcelona, ready to conquer the world from their tiny rooftop studio with a very international sound. For starters, their latest album Wild Animals (also on Nacional Records, available digitally from May 20th) is in English most of the time. And then there's the sound: funky electro-pop with an indie egde, balancing between German techno pioneers Kraftwerk ("S.E.X.Y. R.O.B.O.T."), disco pop sensation Miranda! ("The Whistling Song") and modern electrotrash like Digitalism ("Fugaz"). Songs in four languages, the diverse influences and the general fun atmosphere make Wild Animals a very pleasant and eclectic listening experience. Ideal for the summer! The track below, "Electrotumbao", is graced with the always excellent Amparo Sanchez (Amparanoia) on guest vocals.

The Pinker Tones - Electrotumbao mp3 buy@Amazon


gloomygoob said...

this rocks - and this is why this is the best blog out there for exposing GOOD MUSIC!

SdC said...

Speaking of Kraftwerk and if not heard yet.. There's this cover of Autobahn by Señor Coconut in a cumbia style!!
More on of course arf! arf! arf!

Still sounds good here :)