Saturday, May 10, 2008

En La Misma Onda

We begin this news overview with two latin music figures who passed away too soon.

Gerardo 'Toto' Rotblad, who was the percussionist of the legendary Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, died of pulmonary edema at the age of 38. Despite this sad news, the remaining members of the band announced a reunion for this fall, and the web is buzzing about a possible new album by the Argentinean ska band.

Elvis Manuel, a succesful Cuban reggaeton artist, has gone missing and is presumed dead. Lured by a lucrative record deal in the US, Manuel made the jump to Florida on a raft with his family, friends and producers, but wasn't recovered after it sank. The Latin Americanist has the full story, Mister Bryans digs even deeper.

The Latin Americanist reports that the violent attacks against 'emo' youngsters (that started in the Mexican city Queretaro) are now spreading across the continent. Chili, Peru and Colombia have all seen their share of anti-emo violence, often originating from homophobic and extreme-right sentiments. Not good.

On a more positive note, a new solidarity concert has emerged: ALAS, meaning América Latina en Acción Solidaria, or the Spanish word for 'wings' - how cute. This Sunday May 17th, dozens of artists will be performing for free concerts to focus attention on the 32 million impoverished children of the continent. El Zócalo in Mexico City and Constanera Sur in Buenos Aires will probably fill with 300,000 enthousiastics for performances by Alejandro Sanz, Babasonicos, Calle 13, Chayanne, David Bisbal, Gustavo Cerati, Jorge Drexler, Juan Luis Guerra, Juanes, Los Tigres del Norte, Maná, Miguel Bose, Ricky Martin, Shakira, and many more!

According to Blogamole, 2008 will finally bring a new album from the queen of latin pop, Shakira. It's been two years since the double release of the Spanish-language Fijación Oral, vol. 1 and its English counterpart Oral Fixation, vol. 2.

Despite the very commercial nature of the Premios Billboard, there were a few deserved winners this year. Juan Luis Guerra took home 3 awards, and Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan were victorious in the 'Tropical Album' category. Latin Gossip rounds up the other winners.

Blog Reggaeton informs us that the highly successful Panamese rap duo La Factoría is splitting up. Both ladies want to pursue a solo career in the distinctive reggaeton panameño genre that got them continent-wide hits such as "Todavía", "Perdoname" and "Moriré". Here's a piece on La Factoría which we wrote back in 2006, when the reggaeton genre was just exploding.

A new addition to our blogroll! Club Fonograma may only exist for little over a month, but has already proven to be an essential read if you're into latin music. The sharp pens of bloggers Carlos Reyes and Paulo Correa deliver quality reviews of recent latino releases - for example this review of Alegranza! by El Guincho. There's also a great article on the most anticipated 2008 albums.


Carlos Reyes said...

Oh thanks for the love! and the link

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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8/14/08 09:08 PM (1 visita)

Hola Paulo Correa: siempre pidiendo disculpas en los foros pero en realidad hay que aclarar ciertos hechos:

1- El club fonograma es un blog mediocre
2-el club fonograma fue instituido para promocionar a artistas de grandes disqueras que les pagan para la promocion.
3- Jnachin (Paulo Correa) y carlinhosbrown ( Carlos Reyes)
son los creadores del famoso pero mediocre club fonograma.
Estos senores son criticos amplios de Univision, a la cual critican hasta por los codos. Al igual son criticos de Los Latin Grammys ya que por razones obscuras Carlos
Reyes se desligo de los Latin Grammys (tal parece que no le nominaron alguna cancion que el considero era buena pero en realidad era un beep.
4- Estos 2 elementos, son gente perturbina, molestosa,
rabiosa y malintencionada; son criticos del gran grupo RBD, critico de Gloria Trevi y otros buenos artistas.
5- Se pasan todo el dia promocionando su mediocre blog, inclusive en el LA Times---The Envelope blog---donde se meten un millon de veces a buscar clientes para su
mierdoso blog. Ya ven que clase de personas son: se meten en a anunciar su blog y llevarse los
usuarios de Univision y otros blogs al suyo. Son rateros!

Chapín said...

Somebody seems frustrated. Univision deserves all the critic they get, especially if it's well-funded and justified criticism like Paulo's and Carlos's. I wish them all the best with their superb blog, much needed in times of commercial drab.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Unikachik. this two personalities, carlos Reyes and Paulo Correa called themselves music reporters & critics. But they only mention artists from major labels,like Warner, for example at one point they were inlove with the
mediocre duo jesse & joy, and most recently with ximena sarinana, another warner artist. what a coincidence?are they getting favors
($) to promote these artists? they
Robert Nieves, san juan, Puerto rico

Chapín said...

That's bullshit. Look at their grammy overview, it's a nice selection of big artists and smaller labels. I think I speak for all bloggers that the influence of 1 blog is not enough for major labels to pay you. They know their music will get out there even without paying. His last post is about El Guincho who is on Discoteca Oceano, a VERY small indie label. Jesse & Joy and Ximena Sarinana are both alternative pop artists in the same genre, so isn't it logical that they get signed by the same label, and that the same people love them?

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily! These people are "music guerrilleros"...Have you seen their blog and use it. They would not permit you post anything that goes against their believe. Go to the Envelope (LA times) and to the Univision latin Grammy blog and pOP
music blogs, and you will find the same comments over and over again.
They are music rat reporters!
Robert Nieves/San juan PR

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the comments above.I believe Paulo (which I know from Buenos Aires) and Carlos (from Arizona) try real hard to be good
music reporters but on the other hand they FAILED because they are bias, and prefer to promote major label artists. I really do not pay attention to their suggestions...

Luisa Marie

Carlos Reyes said...


Well, this little conflict is simply run by a very immature individual who happens to hate us because we called her/his favorite artist "mediocre", and even more infuriated when her/his artist lost the latin grammy to Jesse y Joy who just happened to be my favorite to win. Basically he has been bashing about us for over a year (ironically one of our top visitors claiming he doesn't pay attention to us, hum...), to the point that I had to actually initialize legal action at one point, I had about 180 comments like these he is posting here, also over 20 bloggers who claimed he was using my name to post all kinds of negative comments on their blogs (from homophobic to racism) saying it was me. I've been blogging for about 4 years now so I've gotten to know a lot of bloggers, 15 of them were willing to support me in the legal process.

Because now he/she had broken a law his/her Internet Service Provider had to provide me with more information about their client, later I found it meaningless to go on.

We have indeed rely on comment moderation to stop this person from spamming our blog. As you might notice he is using multiple accounts/personalities with the very same IP.

I still can't believe the kind of fanatism some people are able to reach. We are not linked to any labels whatsoever, neither are we reporters lol. We don't even get any promo albums to review like many sites do, so we have to rely on imeem, myspace and warez sites to do our reviews. Major labols? That's a big joke, although we really don't care about how big the labels are, that is not important. Happens that most of our favorite music comes from indie labels.

Just wanted to clarify that to you guys, thanks for the love.


Chapín said...

Yeah I was suspecting something like that already.. We like to think we influence people, but we're not that influential that it's worth waging a war ;) Some people are just loco.

Carlos Reyes said...

I wish I was influential lol...


How do I get a TAG CLOUD like yours?

Anonymous said...

Ja! you are always so polite for some things...I am not telling lies!
your blog fonograma is mediocre!
My artist did not lose...on the other hand she won more than what you think. In reality, the losers were Jesse & Joy, because they were
favored ( a fact) to be "new artists"
when they were old artists...everyone
knows it. The truth is that you and your partner does not want to accept reality...if someone has to be accused of harrasssment is you.
Tell your friends you went to this
artist Univision Forum to tell lies
and looking for trouble, but you were kicked out of the forum.
That does not change the fact that
you are a mediocre musician, critic.

Jonathan Perez