Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rock: Los Piojos, Babasonicos

Los Piojos ('The Fleas') could be one of those typical Argentinean rock bands. Originating from a Buenos Aires suburb, heavily influenced by classic rock&roll and immensely popular in their home country. But there's something quite atypical to Los Piojos, something that makes them transcend to an international level. Is it the Stones-ish buildup of the guitars? Is it the fierce vocal sound of lead singer 'Ciro' Martinez? Is it the poetic quality of their songwriting?
"Pacifico" has some beautiful lyrics - I think Martinez is singing about the pain and emptyness after a broken relationship. However their straightforward stadium rock sound is more easily digestable - think the Rolling Stones, U2 and (closer to home) Gustavo Cerati. That soul-cutting scream at the end can only be compared to Bono!

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This spring Babasónicos have lost their bassist, but their latest album Mucho was still written with him. "Pijamas" is the first single, an eighties rock tale heavy on reverb (maybe a bit too heavy). Adrián Rodriguez asks us -with that instantly recognizable voice of his- if we can please understand for just one time. With such a catchy chorus, we sure can!

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Los Piojos - Pacifico

Babasonicos - Pijamas