Saturday, June 07, 2008

3 years La Onda! Contest! CD Giveaway!

Thanks to very big exams in the very near future, I won't be able to celebrate the third anniversary of La Onda Tropical the way it should. No big themed post this year, I'm very sorry. Thanks for sending in your remixes though, maybe later they'll get the spot they deserve right here on the site.

However, I can't let the big 3 pass without a contest! Thanks to Giant Step I have three great Sergio Mendes prizes to give away:

  • A lithograph signed by Sergio himself

  • An exclusive soccer shirt with the number 66 and 'Brasil' on the back

  • An advance copy of Sergio's latest CD Encanto, out June 10th (and reviewed below!)
If that won't make up for the prematurely cancelled Eddie Palmieri contest last month... :)

You probably know the drill - just send your name and mailing address to to be eligible, and be sure to mention 'happy birthday' somewhere in the mail. Be quick, because the contest only lasts until June 10th (next tuesday)!


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